Spring Recreational Teams U10-U16

Season is March - May

Please fill out BOTH the INFO form and the REGISTRATION form at the right if you plan to participate in spring soccer.

If you are 10-14 years old and looking to join a team to play soccer during the months of February - May you are in the right place

  • Brea Soccer fields boys and girls teams that will compete in a spring league
  • Team Application Deadline - Usually the first week of February, but the sooner the better
  • Schedule Posted - Early March
  • Season Begins - Usually the second weekend of March through the middle of May

We will assist coaches with their Spring Soccer teams

  • We will provide practice fields, game fields and offer our local Brea fields to be used for our home games
  • We will supply uniforms
  • Brea Soccer must approve coaches and teams before registration begins
  • Teams must provide an accounting of income and expenses

Cost is $190 for players born between 2009-2013.


Start asking players if they are available around December. You register for Spring Soccer as an entire team – there is no draft. This means you can bring an existing team or add players from other teams, and also get new players. You are responsible for forming your team, submitting applications, collecting money, etc. You’ll need to decide to use the uniforms you currently have or to purchase new ones. Once you decide that you will coach a Spring Soccer team please notify our Director of Intercity Play and let us know when you have a full team or if you need additional players.


If your child wants to play spring soccer please contact us and we will help you find a team for your player. Your current Coach may carry his or her own team into spring soccer so ask early; or, another Coach may form a team from your division, so start looking. We will assist individual players with placement on a team.

Questions should be directed to:

Director of Intercity Play: intercity@breasoccer.org

Director of Coaching: matt@breasoccer.org