Sparks Notes - Read this if you are new

Greetings Sparks Soccer Families,

I hope you are all enjoying the first month of the Brea Soccer Sparks Soccer Program.  Please read the entire email as there is important information throughout!

As you can tell by now this is a different league than most.  There are a few driving principals that guide us.  Some are by nature of who we are and some are intentional for what is best for player development.

  • Above all, we want every player to have fun and enjoy coming
  • We want every player to get as many touches on the ball as possible
  • We want to constantly evaluate the players every practice and game
  • We want to have a specific goal for developing every player based on their age and ability
  • We have a smaller set of players compared to Fall season - therefore - we don't draft players onto full teams.
  • We group players based on age and ability
  • We adjust the groups every session based on who shows up for games and practices
  • We have a group of coaches and a director who prepares the curriculum for the players
  • We would rather play 4v4 instead of 7v7.  This is why we will stop a game in the middle to reduce the number of players on the field
  • We would rather have no substitutes

As you read through these bullet points you can get an idea of why we structure Sparks the way we do.  We have experts in the field of player development guiding this program and over the past 7 years the results of the players who have graduated from this program are evidence of our successful model.

OK, now on to a few helpful items.

Snacks on game day.  We want the kids to get snacks every Saturday after the games.  Going forward here is how this is going to work.  Every Monday, a Coach from Sparks staff will take a sign up sheet around to all you families.  We need 6 families to bring snacks every Saturday - 3 at the 9:30 hour and 3 at the 10:30 hour.  When you bring the snacks you will leave them at the check-in table between the first two fields.  After the games the players will come over and get a snack.  A "Snack" consists of a packaged drink and food item  (something healthy is preferred - the best drink would be chocolate milk - i know it sounds weird but that is the best after game drink for players.  Good food items would be granola bars, crackers, etc.  Try to stay away from chips and candy - I know its easier and cheaper but not the best choice for young athletes).  


  • If it happens to be raining on any game or practice day please call this phone number after 2pm on practice days and after 8am on game days
  • 714-671-4437 - listen for Brea Sports Park, Field #5


  • Our goal is to have a consistent schedule for your players every week.  In our effort to keep age, ability and genders together and with players signing up all the time we review this every week.
  • Going forward we will post on our Google Calendar the game schedule by Age & Gender
  • For example - It could say "9:30am Boys 3-4 year olds" or "10:30am Girls 10-12 year olds"
  • There will be a calendar item for every age & gender group posted each week.
  • The Sparks Practices & Games Calendar will be posted on "TeamSnap" Once registered all communication will be through the teamsnap application.
  • There are a few holidays where we will not have Sparks - In February - President's day.  In April - we will take off the same week Brea schools have off for spring break.


Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you on the field this week!

Matt Morse
AC Brea Technical Director