GAME Fields Maps

Fall 2017

Arovista Elementary School - 900 Eadington Drive, Brea

Goals will be located by the 1st base line of the south baseball field. ALWAYS lock the goals and return the peripheral equipment to Brea Jr High - corner flags and goal anchors, and hammers.


Brea Jr. High School - 400 N. Brea Blvd, Brea

11v11 Goals for field 1 are stored on the 1st base line of the lower softball field

U8 Goals for field 1 are stored on the 3rd base line of the lower softball field on the fence by the classromms

Goals for field 2 "Upper" are the ones with the wheels. At NO time are those large wheeled goals to be brought down to the lower field. They are to be locked on the northern fence with the chain and combo lock

Goals for field 3 are locked next to the small northeast softball field.


Brea Olinda High School - 789 Wildcat Way, Brea

As needed

Brea Sports Park - 3333 E. Birch, Brea

All goals are locked against the fences at each field except goals for  field 5  are locked on field on fence near baseball field. 

All goals must be locked against the fence. 

Country Hills Elementary School - 150 N. Associated Road, Brea

Fanning Elementary School - 650 North Apricot, Brea

Laurel Elementary School - 200 S. Flower Ave., Brea


Mariposa Elementary School - 1111 Mariposa Dr., Brea


Olinda Ranch Park - [300-387] Carbon Canyon Rd, Brea

Goals locked against fence

Lock up goals to the fence.


St. Angela's - As needed


Tamarack Park - 520 N. Tamarack Ave., Brea

Goals against fence and must be anchored.

Lock goals against southern fence