I'm late...Am I too late?

If you fail to register your child by May 21st there can be problems...read below and help us avoid by registering on time! 

It is important that you register your child before the deadline for the following reasons:

  • We must know how many players we will have in the Fall in order to know how many teams to form and how many coaches to obtain.  Teams will be formed in early June!
  • If we do not form enough teams, then the teams fill up and players will have to go onto a wait list, in hopes that new teams will be able to be formed.
  • If we have to form teams late, we might not have coaches or coaches might not have time to get the necessary licenses to be allowed to coach.
  • Uniforms must be ordered for players in time for Opening Day and Pictures
If you find you missed the open registration deadline we do allow Late Registrants - however, the fee goes up!
  • $230  2009-2013 Resident (Live or go to school in Brea)
  • $240  2008-1999 Resident (Live or go to school in Brea)
  • $240  2009-2013 Non-Resident
  • $250  2008-1999 Non-Resident


We will waive the late fee if you bring a friend with you to register!