Mandatory Coach Credentials

All Head Coaches must have a USSF-approved coaching certification in order to coach. If you don’t yet have the certification, it is a fun, easy process and will either (a) put to rest any concerns you have that you know what you are doing, or (b) help your team by advancing your own coaching development. Check out the Calsouth coaching education program and licensing schedule HERE

Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Representatives must obtain a coaches ID card through the Registrar prior to assuming duties. The card must be visible (worn) at all timed during team practices, games, and team function. The card signifies that the head coach has been Livescanned and has obtained the appropriate coaching certification
Assistant Coaches are encouraged to obtain a license as well, but it is not required.  Head coaches are required to meet this requirement before August 1. The earlier you obtain your license, the better you will be able to coach.
If you are not sure what license level you have, contact the Registrar who can check with Calsouth for you. Calsouth does not mail certificates for F, E, or D courses so you might not have anything on paper to show for your efforts at one of these courses. Licenses never expire.
The F license is required, we highly recommend you take the E course as well.
Remember, Livescan and licensing are separate processes. All head coaches, assistant coaches, and team representatives must be Livescanned.