10U Division Coach Info

All games will be played at Arovista Park.

Setup & Take Down Procedure
If you are the first game of the day, you are responsible for moving the goals into position. It takes a minimum of two adults to move the goals.  Please arrive early so that you have sufficient time to move the goals into place.

All goals should be secured with three anchors. The smaller anchors are to hold down the nets.  All anchors and a hammer will be stored in a container that is locked to the baseball fence by the batting cage.  The combination to the lock is 9111 or 8111. If this combo does not work please contact fields@breasoccer.org or call 714-296-5888.  

If you are the last game of the day, you are responsible for ensuring that all the anchors and hammer are placed in the container and locked up.

If anchors are missing or nets are torn, please email fields@breasoccer.org.  

Referee Fees
A.C. Brea will reimburse all head coaches for referee fees this season.  However we are a little behind schedule.  For the first week you will be required to pay the referee.  Referee fees are $15 per coach (equals $30 per game).  There will be one referee per game.  I will get in further contact with you next week to get you the reimbursement check for the entire season.  

Before I close this email, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your contribution to make AC Brea a successful league.  The league would not exist without volunteers like yourselves.  I recognize that we all have much larger responsibility outside soccer (like work and family).  Please note that the extra effort you put forth volunteering here is recognized by A.C. Brea.  Thanks again.

Good Luck on Saturday.  But most importantly...HAVE FUN :)

If there is anything else I be of assistance please let me know.
Walter, U10@breasoccer.org