Rules & Format

Updated - January 2016

The AC Brea Futsal league is an "Off-Season" league for all AC Brea players & Invited teams from friendly neighboring clubs.  The purpose of this program is to give players the opportunity to play with and against their teammates outside of the team environment.  It is a program that we want our players to be taking the lead by forming their own teams, coming up with team names and checking their standings, game times and player stats.

The league is also open to non AC Brea teams.  We welcome all outside competitive teams to compete with us.


  • All games will be played at either Brea Jr high on our 3 grass or 3 hardcourt fields or the Brea Sports Park, field #5 on grass
  • Only Futsal balls will be used during games
  • Futsal rules will be applied - see video on previous page for general futsal rules
  • No offsides
  • Corner kicks apply
  • GK may not punt the ball.  May only throw the ball.
  • No goal kicks (GK restarts with ball in hand)
  • All restarts are indirect free kicks (no throw ins)
  • Players must give at least 5 yards for restarts
  • Substitutions happen only at midfield during a restart
  • During Kickoff, ball can be passed backwards


  • 6-7 teams per division
  • Play each team once
  • If 7 teams each team will have a bye week


  • All games will consist of two 25 minute halves


  • Any fighting will result in team expulsion from the league.  You will forfeit all registration fees


  • We ask that No coaching come from the sidelines.  The purpose of this league is to allow the players to discover the game on their own, make their own decisions and have a great time just playing the game.  Feel free to talk tactics before the game or at halftime, other than that just allow the players to play.


  • Standings and schedules will be kept on the AC Brea website
  • Teams will provide and wear their own uniforms (AC Brea futsal shirts can be ordered in any color – order must be in to Technical Director, Matt Morse 3 weeks before start of games)
  • Referee fees are not included in the cost of the league.  Referee fees are $10 per game.  Each team pays fees up front.
  • Rain - If any games are rained out they will not  be made up.  No fees will be refunded.  Sign up at your own risk.