Futsal in Brea

July 2013

When Technical Director, Matt Morse, first came to Brea Soccer in 2006 he was already a strong believer in Futsal.  Matt has been playing futsal since 1992 when he was introduced to the sport by a team called Renacer from Argentina was visiting the US to play a game against the So Cal Seahorses.  Renacer joined in a game of "indoor soccer" with Matt and the Seahorses, however, they brought their own ball, it was smaller like a size 3 and it didn't bounce at all and it was heavy.  Furthermore, they never kicked the ball off the walls, they played within the lines of the basketball court.  Matt thought that was strange and he began inquiring why they played that way and why with a smaller, heavier ball?  Futebal de Salon was discovered and through the years Matt searched everywhere to find a futsal ball but he couldn't find one except when he traveled overseas with the Seahorses.  

Fast forward about 15 years and Futsal starts to pop up everywhere.  When Matt came on board with Brea he found out that Brea had been introduced to futsal by former coach, Manny Toledo, a long time Brea HS employee and club coach.  Manny had been arranging futsal games for quite some time in the Brea gym.  Unfortunately, for both Matt & Manny, they were way too early.  You could say they were "Way before their time".  Once Matt got settled into AC Brea Soccer he introduced futsal as a developmental program to the club teams.  Starting off using the tennis courts at the Brea Jr High and then moving on to the small fields at the Brea Sports Park the AC Brea Futsal League has been growing tremendously.  At last count there were over 80 teams competing in the Spring Futsal League.

There is much more to come in bringing futsal to more young and old players alike in Brea soccer and beyond!