2017 Fall AC Brea City Championships

B&GU14 Schedule - Brea Jr High Upper

9:00am - Galaxy Felix vs Energy Livingstone

10:30am - Tosta vs Hudson

12:00pm - Energy Livingston vs Red Star Rosal

2:30pm - Galaxy Felix vs Red Star Rosal

B&GU12 - Olinda Ranch Park

Friday Night - Brea Sports Park

8:00am - BU12

9:00am - GU12

10:00am - BU12

11:00am - GU12

12:00pm - BU12

1:00pm - BU12

2:00pm - BU12

A great way to finish off the season!

Updated July, 2016

The Brea Soccer City Championships is a great event.  It's always exciting to see the teams face off and see how they have come together throughout the season.  Emotions are high as teams compete for the title of City of Brea Champion!

City playoffs will be for U10, U12 & U14

The winners will be “City Champions”

Medals will go to the Champions and Finalists*.

*If player evaluation forms are not completed and turned in prior to the playoffs team will not be eligible to play in city championship.