2016 AC Brea Club Teams

updated September, 2016

Please contact the AGE GROUP COORDINATOR (on the previous page) if you are interested in a tryout for the team or more information.

If you have any questions or cannot locate a team please call or email below.  If emailing please include your child's name, birthdate and previous team.  Team Practice schedules are located on the home page in a link under "NEWS"
Director of Coaching
Matt Morse
714 296-5888

Director of Coaching    Matt Morse    714-296-5888    matt@breasoccer.org
Goalkeeping Director    Kevin Cralley    714-336-3962    kevin@breasoccer.org
Tactical Coordinator    Shea Harwell    253-232-3066    shea@breasoccer.org
Technical Coordinator    Steve Tatone    714-457-8515    slt@breasoccer.org
Yoga & Injury Prevention    Silvina Defendente    714-602-8694    silvina@breasoccer.org