Find a Tournament

There are plenty of local, regional, national and international soccer tournaments that you can play in.

If you are an AC Brea team looking for a tournament we recommend that you first connect with our Director of Coaching, Matt Morse, and find out if any other AC Brea teams are already playing in a tournament the same weekend you are looking for one.  Often we can register numerous teams for one tournament and get a club discount.

Also, instead of playing in another tournament consider doing something a little different?

  • Travel out of state
  • Travel to Mexico
  • Travel to another country (further than Mexico)
  • Travel to Hawaii
  • Schedule friendlies at any of the places above - could be much cheaper!
  • Do a service project as a team that could include soccer games
  • Partner with another AC Brea team to do any of the above

If you are interested in doing any of these contact Matt Morse again and he can help you set something up.

Seach Calsouth for TOURNAMENTS