BSA President honored at Calsouth's Annual Awards Banquet

February 17, 2010

Chivas USA Parent of the Year | Sherie Correll
NCSA Student-Athlete of the Year | Sergio Llamas
Cal South Player of the Year - Boys | Juan Gutierrez
Cal South Player of the Year - Girls | Laura Liedle
District 1 Honorees | Bob Turner and Terry Cords
District 2 Honoree | Dr. Peter Minkoff
District 3 Honoree | Dan Sheppard
District 4 Honorees | Val Silveri and Paul Higgins
District 5 Honorees | Stormy Medley and Rito Chisholm
District 6 Honorees | Bruce Bates and Danny Moreno
District 7 Honoree | Dr. Denise Taylor
Cal South Youth Referees of the Year | Carla Contreras and Christian Whitehair
Cal South TOPSoccer Buddies | Sabrina Whetsell and Kinsey Morlang
Cal South TOPSoccer Angel | Greta Walton
L.A. Galaxy Volunteer of the Year | Kathleen Kelley
Fox Soccer Channel Team Spirit Award | Oxnard PAL Blue BU13
Nike Developmental Coach - Girls | Genaro Escobar
Nike Developmental Coach - Boys | Guillermo Arzate
Nike Competitive Coach - Boys Younger | Oliver Wyss
Nike Competitive Coach - Girls Younger | Cle Kooiman
Nike Competitive Coach - Boys Older | Cherif Zein
Nike Competitive Coach - Girls Older | Jose Ocampo
President's Award | Paul Doty
Cal South Hall of Fame | Julie Foudy and Eric Wynalda