Brea Playground Project - Laurel Elementary

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Our goal is to improve and expand two play areas (approx. 7,400 s.f.) at the corner of Flower & Birch in Brea, CA. New climbing, play equipment and a giant glider will excite kids and adults alike.

The few pieces of existing equipment are old and worn. Our 3rd - 6th graders have very little to do. The younger students have such old stuff.

We believe good play structures encourage good health, education, and social development.

New equipment will benefit 400+ Laurel Elementary students and anyone who wants to visit the Lagos de Moreno City Park; the open campus allows all to visit after school or on the weekends.

Inclusive elements will let children of all abilities to play and grow together.  There will be specific structures for kids with developmental and/or sensory disabilitiies.