Why Play Soccer AC Brea?

For the Player, For the Game

Why play AC Brea Rec or Club soccer?

The Brea Soccer Association is here to provide an excellent environment for soccer growth and development. We have a full compliment of soccer playing opportunities for players 4-18 years old. In America soccer is evolving and developing at a very rapid pace. Southern California is widely recognized as being on the cutting edge of competitive excellence. AC Brea is at the heart of north orange county and is surrounded on all sides by very good soccer organizations. What you will find unique about us is our commitment to every player at every level.

From a team perspective we have 3 levels of play. We run our own Recreation program in the city of Brea that is for players aged 5-18 years old. At the younger ages all games are played in the city of Brea and at the older ages as fewer kids are playing we compete in Calsouth’s "Intercity" gaming circuit and teams play in Brea and travel to surrounding cities for games.

The Club teams program are for players aged 7-18 years old who have the ability and want to make the commitment to soccer at a high level. Club teams compete year round in the Coast Soccer League which is recognized as the best youth soccer league in the country, yes, that is country as in the USA. Within the CSL there are 5 different levels of play: Bronze, Silver, Silzer Elite, Gold and Premier. Every team’s goal is to develop as individuals and to compete as a team to win their group in order to advance to the next level. In addition to the CSL, our teams compete in the Calsouth State Cup and various tournaments throughout California and sometimes beyond. Our club teams are led by a professional coaching staff that is hired by our Director of Coaching.

Our Adult Teams program are for players 15-50 years old.  We have 2 men's team and a women's team for players who want to continue on and play for as long as possible!  

In addition to the 3 levels of play we provide quality programs for both individual and team development. These programs are offered year round and have been developed by our Technical Director with a mindset to compliment the team environment and to help each individual compete to their potential and beyond.

All of the programs offered below that are relevant to players are included in their fees. Therefore no extra money is required to attend.

  • Goalkeeping Academy
  • Fall RecPlus
  • InSTEP
  • Sparks Academy League
  • Summer Camps
  • Futsal

If you have any questions about BSA please feel free to contact our Technical Director:

Any questions should be directed to:

Technical Director
Matt Morse
Phone: 714 296-5888
Email: td@breasoccer.org