AC Brea Soccer’s Mission is to:

  1. Provide organized soccer teams for all levels of play for both youth and adult, recreational and club
  2. Provide a safe, fun and rewarding experience for all players, volunteers & families
  3. Develop skills and knowledge of the game of soccer for players, coaches, referees and parents

AC Brea Soccer’s Goals are to:

  1. Grow and develop the organization for the community of Brea
    1. Increase player participation - full service soccer club (Teams, Tournaments, Camps, Clinics, Futsal, Goalkeeping Referee programs)
    2. Provide opportunities for volunteers to contribute to BSA and the community
    3. Provide each player with the training needed to play the game
  2. Improve the organization’s resources (fields, services & programs)
  3. Improve our coaches’ understanding of the game and ability to expand their coaching career